Whiskey Haran Original Cask Selection

Original Cask Selection


Special Selection of 10 Barrels. Limited edition. Intense, with notes
of fruit, citrus, balsamic spices and honey.

Tasting note

A magnificent mahogany-colored whiskey with amber highlights, displaying
of an intense layer of color that gives away its long aging. With a very
and great complexity by developing intense fruity notes characteristic of the
and floral notes on a background of citrus and floral notes on a background
balsamic spice and honey balsamic. In the mouth, it has an intensely
smoky and slightly iodized to give way to earthy and vegetal notes,
leaving a long, intense and very marked finish.

Perfect serve

Alone, mixed with very cold mineral water. Perfect on the rocks
or in a glass prepared flavored with citrus peel. Ideal in cocktails
classical and contemporary.