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It all starts at Destilerías Manuel Acha, a family-owned company that has been producing traditional and artisanal products since 1831. Using selected malts of the highest quality and respecting the centuries-old traditional techniques of an old family recipe, we make our unique Haran Whiskey. Privileged by the climate of our beautiful valley, we mature our fine wines in oak wood from different origins, refining aromas and flavors until we achieve an exceptionally balanced and harmonious whiskey, impregnated with the rich and complex character of our land. Although Whiskey Haran is based on an old recipe from 1909, it is a conceptually modern malt whiskey. Given the impossibility at that time of obtaining quality peat for drying the germinated barley, it was decided to produce quality malt using smoking and kilning techniques over a slow fire of live oak wood. Having recovered these old production techniques, jealously guarded for more than a century, we began to make our then famous whiskey again.

The valley

Haran, a Basque word meaning river valley, honors the wonderful enclave in which our distillery is located, the Valley of Ayala and Alto Nervión, a beautiful natural environment known for its green forests and crystal clear waters, a magical place that brings together the necessary and essential elements for the production of an unparalleled whiskey.


Today, five generations later, we have recovered the whiskey making techniques, zealously guarded for more than a century by our family, since Don Martín Arberas introduced in our distillery, at the end of the 19th century, after his period of studies in Scotland at the request of his father-in-law, our founder, Mr. Manuel Acha.


Whiskeys awarded with silver medal in the London Spirits Competition:

London Silver Competition 2022

– Haran Original Small Batch Reserve 82 points.

– Haran Classic 82 points.

– Haran Finished in Porto Casks 81 points.

– Haran Traditional 83 points.

– Haran Original Casks Selection 85 points.

– Haran Finished in Sherry Casks 84 points.

– Haran Finished in Cider Casks 83 points.


Made from selected malts of the highest quality, following the traditional techniques of the Acha family after five generations. Its long aging in oak barrels of different origins and levels of toasting complements and rounds out this incredible broth of unparalleled aromas and flavors, the result of a careful selection of whiskey from our original reserve after having matured for years. Based on our old recipe from the beginning of the 20th century.


Amurrio, an Alava municipality located in the land of Ayala. It is bordered to the north by the Llodio Valley and Orozko, to the south by the Biscayan city of Orduña, to the east by Zuia and to the west by Ayala and Orduña. One of the protagonists of Amurrio is, without a doubt, the Salto del Nervión, a 270 meter high waterfall that in the rainy months, forms an impressive waterfall, where the water reaches the ground vaporized. Quite a show.


Nervion Falls – Delika Canyon
Maroño Reservoir
Sierra Salvada


Quejana Monumental Complex
Casas de Indianos
Artziniega Helmet
Saraube and Casas Torre (Zuaga, Murga…)
Santa María del Yermo (Llodio)
Etxaurren Hermitage (Meoio)
Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Encina


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